Global Studies 2                        C. Chase-Dunn                                  Winter 2007

Research Paper



Twenty-five percent of your grade in Global Studies2 is based on a short (less than 10 pp. typed, double-spaced) research paper that studies one of the transnational social movements participating in the World Social Forum and how it is related to the other participating transnational social movements. Transnational social movements are groups of people who share a similar discourse and who are trying to remedy certain problems by mobilizing support. Transnational movements mobilize people in different countries, and in this they are different from social movements that operate primarily within a single country.

            Describe the main historical, ideological, institutional, organizational and cultural aspects of a single transnational social movement from the following list (below). Talk about the history of the movement. When and where did the discourse emerge?  Discuss the ways in which the issues, ideas and organizational activities of your movement intersect with those of other movements. Especially discuss those other movements with which there are great complementarities and similarities, and also focus on those other movements with which there are big differences and possible areas of competition, disagreement or even conflict. Transnational social movements often involve people from both the global north and the global south and this usually leads to disagreements. Discuss these differences and efforts to overcome them. There are also well-known disagreements between different movements over goals, tactics and strategies. For example, the labor movement wants jobs but the environmental movement wants to protect the biosphere. Examine issues of this sort and efforts to overcome them to allow the movements to engage in cooperative action and to become effective in world politics.

            Each student should prepare a short written statement that briefly specifies the chosen transnational social movement along with bibliographical information on three sources that you will use for your paper. This should be turned in on February 8. At least one of the sources should be from the Rivera Library. And you should not include items from the bibliography below. The final paper should be no longer than 10 typed, double-spaced pages (not including the bibliography, maps and other graphics). Your paper is due on March 15. Please include a bibliography.

            Read the instructions above several times during the period in which you are working on your paper and be sure to do each of the things that are requested.

List of transnational social movements that participate in the World Social Forum process:

Alternative media/culture; Anarchist; Anti-corporate; Anti-globalization; oAntiracism; oAlternative Globalization/Global Justice oAutonomous; Communist; oDevelopment aid/Economic development; Environmental; Fair Trade/Trade Justice; oFood Rights/Slow FoodGay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Rights; Health/HIV; oHousing rights/anti-eviction/squattersHuman Rights Indigenous; oJobless workers/welfare rights Labor; oMigrant/immigrant rightsNational Sovereignty/National Liberation; oOpen-Source/Intellectual Property RightsPeace/Anti-war; Peasants, Farmers, Landless, Land-reform; Food Rights/Slow Food; oReligious/SpiritualSocialist; Women's/Feminist    


Works that are relevant to this assignment:

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UCR Research Working Group on Transnational Social Movements